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(elevator bell dings) and some scientists think the t. rex could run up to 45 miles an hour. that's apex predator. you know what that means? yes. that means they're top of the food chain. they eat everything. so? so... t. rex beats triceratops. i win. you went home last night and googled dinosaurs, didn't you? yeah, i did. you have no life. i win. i owe her from yesterday. she's on her way to the airport. oh. yeah, for that white hat thing. i thought there wasn't money. lisbon fixed it. oh. would have been nice to say good-bye. yeah, well, cowards don't get to say good-bye when they want. cow--wow. where'd that come from? you calling me a coward? yep. how so?
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(exhales) how long have you been pretending you're not in love with van pelt? who says i'm in love with van pelt? i was once, a long time ago, but not anymore. we're just... we're just... good friends. you're a coward and terrible liar. uh... (chuckles) says you. "coward." what does he know about relationships? yeah, well, you date pregnant hookers and your-- your dinosaur eats grass! (patrick) tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock... morning. good morning. we're gonna be short-staffed for a while. van pelt's off to l.a. thank you. adult education's a beautiful thing. uh, speaking of which, uh... i've upset the ecosystem of the poker game. i think you've been spending too much time at the museum. "upset the ecosystem"? bertram's now a better poker player because of me. the ecosystem has changed. you need to adapt or die. who says i need the help?
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don't try to razzle-dazzle me. money talks. (shuffles cards) what do we use for stakes? you can't play poker without stakes. oh, i have that covered. herbivores are worth 1, carnivores are worth 5. okay. deal. what do you got? (clears throat) all in. you're bluffing. i call. really? okay, are you cheating? no. wh-- i'm gonna smoke you.
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>> next, killed just crossing the street. now one man's family speaks out now one man's family speaks out in the search for a my name is pete and this is my aha moment. fourteen years old, just laid down on the ice, and was reaching out to me. on his own strength, he was able to pull me out of the icy water. and i said, nathan, i just want to thank you again for saving my life. this amazing child looks at me in the eyes and says, dad, i should be thanking you because you still get to be my dad. mutual of omaha. insure your possibilities. insurance. retirement. banking. investments. legs up, legs up, legs up ! red hot deal days are back. let nothing stop you. good job ! it's red hot deal days. get the nokia lumia 822 in red for free and discover all the things to do on the go with city lens. or the droid razr m by motorola in pink for $49.99.
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everything droid does in an edge-to-edge display. hurry in, because the sale ends february 20th. powerful devices. powerful network. verizon. >> i'm angry. i'm hurt. you know.
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i'm mostly angry, i guess, because they didn't stop. >> a mom's desperate cry for help after her young son is struck and killed by a hit-and- run driver. >> i'm derek mcginty. >> a mother pours her heart out only on 9. her son killed by a hit-and-run driver just 24 hours ago. >> tonight, as police continue their investigation, she's asking for witnesses to come forward. what we know so far. >> reporter: ms. ross tells us her son, she spoke to him around 10:00. he was calling to let her know he arrived safely. a half hour later he was dead. >> but i don't want it that way. >> reporter: it is a pain no mother ever wants to experience. burying a child. >> it's just not human to just hit somebody and keep going.
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>> he was your baby. >> yeah, that was my baby boy. >> reporter: he was killed saturday night around 10:30. police say somehow darnell ross fell into the crosswalk on the 100 block of m street northeast. a driver struck him and then took off. >> i'm mostly angry, i guess, because they didn't stop. that's just being cruel. i wouldn't hit a dog and not stop. >> reporter: ross says her son was a caring child who loved his family and had the gift of gab. now, as she copes with the tragedy of burying her baby, she hopes someone out there knows something. >> if anybody saw anything that they would come forward and maybe the driver would actually see, you know, and realize that he did hit somebody and turn himself in. >> reporter: ross tells me police believe the car that struck darnell saturday night was a white buick. she says investigators right now are hoping several cameras
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in the area may help give them some more clues. anyone with information should call mpd right away. a roaring fire ripped through a home in southeast d.c. this morning and a 4-year- old girl is in critical condition and firefighters are looking for answers. add to that, one resident of the home is in police custody for what happened after firefighters got there and you've got the beginning of one heck of a story. surae chinn brings us the rest of it. >> i saw the flames coming out of the house. there was thick smoke, so thick it covered the lights. >> reporter: flames were shooting out of the home where seven people lived, including a mother and her 2 small children. everyone got outside except the 4-year-old little girl who had to be rescued. >> you could hear windows pop. i heard somebody scream. >> family members say they took an account and the 4-year-old daughter's missing. immediately the fire department
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goes in and starts searching for the 4-year-old and finds the 4-year-old upstairs. >> reporter: the little girl was in critical condition with burns and smoke inhalation. >> the only thing i could do is just say my prayers for the family. >> reporter: whee firefighters arrived, smoke and fire were coming out of the basement and first floor, and it's where investigators are focusing on. police lieutenant christopher coffman says tensions were running high as firefighters battled the blaze. he says the landlord who also lived at the home got into a fight and threatened one of the women. according to the police report, the 30-year-old man was arrested on felony assault and threatening to kill one of his tenants. >> maybe emotions are running high. there's a 4-year-old still in the house. could that have been the instigator of what happened? >> that may have prompted why the threats and the words were exchanged and then the assault took place. >> reporter: investigators are also looking to see if the fire was started intentionally. but what neighbors and family
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are thinking about tonight is the 4-year-old little girl still in the hospital. >> it's a terrible incident. we just, our prayers are with them. >> reporter: in southeast, surae chinn, wusa 9. >> the mayor's security officer noticed the fire and called 911. the man arrested tonight, 46- year-old jerome lewis, is expected to be in court tomorrow. the fire is still under investigation. another fire in bowie left two firefighters with some minor injuries. this happened at a home in the 8500 block of shelly court. tonight, the family that lived there is out of that home for now and facing $200,000 worth of repairs. the search is on for the cause of that fire, too. troubled country music star, mindy mccready has reportedly committed suicide. that's according to multiple reports out of nashville. they say the 37-year-old shot herself to death. mccready had recently been committed to a treatment facility to deal with alcohol and mental health problems.
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last month, her boyfriend shot himself to death. mccready had five studio albums, including her 1996 debut, 10,000 angels. family and friends of 100 people killed in the 2003 nightclub fire gathered today to remember the victims. you know, it's hard to believe, but it will be ten years ago this wednesday that the fire broke out at the station club in west warwick, rhode island. that quickly turned into an inferno as pyrotechnics ignited the foam. concert goers were trapped inside. >> it seems like it was yesterday. >> in ten years i have been coming to thissite. i come here because i believe my son's keith's spirit is here, along with the other 99 who perished. >> the plans for a permanent memorial including a wind harp to serve as a reminder that music is what brought the people together at the club
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that fateful night. a local college student stabbed to death at the university of maryland's eastern shore. edmund st. clair died of his injuries. they say st. clair was a passenger in a car with three others when they were approached by some people, maybe three or four, walking in the street on campus. an argument broke out. st. clair was stabbed and university students were warned of the whole thing through the campus alert system. >> it could have been my best friend, my classmate, anybody. >> knowing that scares us. >> police do not believe this was a random attack. tonight they are searching for suspects in the case. anyone with information is asked to contact maryland state police at 443-260-3700. in downtown washington today, a crowd estimated at 35,000 by the protest organizers took to the streets to urge president obama to take action on climate change. now, that rally led to several streets being shut down this
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afternoon. [ chanting ] >> all right. participants in today's climate rally are also calling on the president to reject the keystone excel pipeline. opponents are worried there will be environmental damage from possible oil spills or greenhouse emissions. president obama has endorsed the building of the southern half of the pipeline. that one begins in curbing, oklahoma. to russia where more than half of the windows smashed by an exploding meteor shock wave have been replaced. friday's explosion estimated to be equal to several atomic bombs scattered glass in more than 4,000 buildings leaving residents vulnerable in frigid terms. 1200 people were injured, mostly by broken glass. 40 others are still in the hospital. some new yorkers devastated by hurricane sandy are now
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rebuilding their lives on the volleyball court. it was the 7th annual capitol hill volleyball classic. nearly 740 teams from all over the country competing, including the aviator club. most of that club and coaches lost their homes in breezy point when hurricane sandy blew through there four months ago but they say they stay strong thanks to each other. >> i want to make sure they're okay and i'll still be able to fight with them. yeah. it means a lot. >> h is their normalcy. they had no normalcy in their life whatsoever. school wise, home wise, everyone was displaced. >> take a look at this picture. it's what's left after a fire destroyed coach strong's home. hers is one of 2,200 homes that burned to the ground. plus, we can announce our partnership with the washington nationals. 20 nets games will air on wusa 9 this season. our dave owens is down in florida with the team where the
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expectations are high. >> well, welcome to vee era -- vierra, florida, everybody. it's a cold one. 40 degrees out here. in fact, davy johnson was so bundled up you could barely recognize him. it was day one of the nats new reality. they're pretty good and the teams they used to chase are now chasing them. >> i don't think you can say that in a serious manner in the past. because this team hadn't done anything. i like it. i'm hearing that more and more. i think that's probably going to circulate through the clubhouse and probably be the motto this year. >> if you're, you know, aiming for anything lower than world series, what are you out here for? we're out here to win. >> we're coming back and ryan zimmerman, laroche, got two good pitchers in soriano andheron. a great leadoff hitter, center
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fielder. hopefully we'll all be holding the trophy at the end. >> i'll be back in a few minutes to give you part of my discussion with bryce harper and an update and preview on what's coming up in game overtime. dave owens, wusa 9. also coming up on wusa 9 tonight, two weeks from now, he will no longer be the pope. pope benedict makes one of his final public appearances today. we'll take you there as he says goodbye. i'm andrea mccarren in woodstock, virginia, where a local family anxiously awaits the arrival of their 14-year- old son stuck in a russian orphanage. i'll have their story coming up. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. high temperature only 36 today. wind chill in the teens most of the day. here's your wakeup weather. cold start, teens and 20s at 5:00. it's still 18 to 24 at 7:00.
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we'll come back and talk about another storm system rolling in
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>> when pope benedict
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speaks,millions listen. delivering one of his final addresses today. he greeted 100,000 worshippers asking his followers to keep on praying for him and for the next pope. the pontiff also told the faithful to pray for strength as the lentin period gets underway. >> today we fast, pray, and being tempted, as we begin our lent journey, we join him and ask him to give us strength to fight our weaknesses. >> the pope's resignation takes affect february 28th. he is the first pope to step down voluntarily in some 600 yeerdst. >> the cardinal archbishop of washington spoke today about the challenges facing the next pope. the cardinal told bob sheafer the next pope will have to
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reinvigorate the spirit of the catholic church. >> i think the real challenge the church faces today and that the next pope will have to lead us in addressing is the overwhelming influence of secularism that's really drowning out the voice of religion, the voice of faith. >> cardinal wool also says he thinks it's unlikely the next pope will be an american because the united states is considered the world's one great superpower. a virginia family hoping and praying for the arrival of their little boy, a boy they already call their son. maxim right now lives 5,000 miles away in a russian orphanage. he's been there his entire 14 years. >> as andrea mccarren reports, he's one held hostage by an adoption ban posed last night. >> words can't describe how i feel. i told him today, max, you just cannot fathom how much we love
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you. >> maxim captured the hearts of diana and mill years ago when they met the boy on a church trip. they helped transform the orphanage into a better place to house children. >> no doubt at all, he's absolutely our son. >> abandoned as a baby, maxim has spent all 14 years in bleak russian orphanages. his stature may be small, but the wallens say his heart is huge. >> he had a spirit about him a lot of the children didn't have. he was smiling and happy, very curious, always wanted affection. >> just so many. we have marriage license, drivers license, financial statements. >> reporter: for more than a year, the wallens have been working exhaustively to adopt him. they completed the process last fall. their dreams came to an abrupt
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and devastating halt when russian president banned the adoption of russian children by american families, effective january 1st. the ban is widely believed to be in retaliation for the passage of an american law that aims to punish russian officials for alleged human rights abuses. >> i just felt like one of my own biological sons had just been taken from me and ripped out of my arms. >> he is my son. we have done so much stuff together. >> we've talked about going to disney world, to new york city. you know, all the things that kids like to do and the things he wants to see. >> reporter: maxim became an unexpected media sensation in russia when it was incorrectly reported that he had written a letter to the president of russia begging to come to america. >> i wish you would find a way to be with your russia son, be brave and you will win. >> reporter: the wallens were immediately flooded with messages of support from ordinary russians who trkd them down through social media.
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>> when they first started coming in, it was overwhelming. best wishes from russia. this person says good luck to us. make sure no one else gets him. >> reporter: since then the wallens say a wealthy high profile politician swooped in, showered the teenager with gifts and said he wanted to be his guardian. >> money can't buy love that a family can give. this is maxim's room. >> reporter: his bedroom isprepared for his arrival, decorated in orange, his favorite color. also ready are the people he's long been calling mom and dad, the family he never had until now. >> we're never going to give up, ever. i mean, what would you do? our son is in distress over there. and we have to get him. >> reporter: in woodstock, virginia, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> now, if the adoption falls through, maxim promised the wallens he will come and live with them when he turns 18. straight ahead on wusa 9 tonight, a big weekend for
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weddings. in fact, so big 3,400 couples tied the knot all at the very same time. >> maybe that's a way to cut down on the cost. bundle up if you're outside tonight. it will feel warmer for
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>> in south korea, 3400 couples from 70 countries tied the knot over the weekend and another 12,000 aced tended the wedding ceremony via satellite. many of the couples had only met a few days before the ceremony. >> it feels very great. we get along very well. we met four days ago. and we're happy to be here and looking forward to life together. yeah, it's a good life. good. we're really happy. >> so far, so good. officiating at today's unification church mass wedding the widow of the reverend sung moon. he was 93. he died last september. it's been four days. >> do they have a mass divorce to go along with the mass
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wedding? >> that's later. that's chapter 2. only 34 today for the high. wind chills in the teens. >> it's cold. >> it's cold. and we had some snow showers to the south of town. it's clearing out now. a live look outside on our live michael & son weather cam. that is the kennedy center. a very nice night but 26, brutally cold. the dew point is in the single digits, relative humidity running 43% outside. winds west/northwest at 1 and the pressure falling a little bit over the past shower. satellite picture radar combined, pretty good shape in the east. big storm departing the northeast. at one time blizzard warnings were in affect for maine earlier this morning. this storm will be on the northern branch the jet stream and roll eastward. there will be another storm down to the south and we get the leftovers on tuesday. there could be enough cold air tuesday morning to start the
11:28 pm
precipitation as a mixture of snow and sleet and freezing rain. in the meantime cold. a little bit of snow shower activity late this evening north of town and early this morning, pretty good snow shower set up south of harrisburg. a couple of inches in augusta county. that's all cleared out. a very cold start tomorrow, teens and 20s. dry commute. if you are working tomorrow, grab your shade. not as cold in the afternoon but still chilly. then a mix and or showers for tuesday. the mix would occur early in the morning on tuesday. so at the very least we're going to have a wet drive to work on tuesday. overnight, 18 to 24, clearing skies, breezy and colder. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15. they gusted over 30 today. monday morning, president's day, teens and 20s. mostly sunny with a cold start. winds switch to the southwest at 10. that's a good thing. then by afternoon, mostly sunny. not as cold. but still kind of chilly. all right, 39 to 44 is in the ballpark of our average this time of year, but still a little bit on the chilly side. winds south/southwest at 10.
11:29 pm
so essentially the zone forecast, sunshine for the mountains to the coast. only 28 in oakland on the west side of the divide. 36 in cumberland. upper 30s, you might make 40 in winchester. low 40s in cull pepper. 39 in leesburg. fairfax 42. downtown 42. low to mid-40s into southern maryland. by 6:00 a.m. all the small craft advisories will have expired so water will be calm but cold. 40 in frederick, sunshine. 9 weather alert, just kind of chilly tomorrow. a yellow alert on tuesday. a very wet commute, perhaps a mix north and west of town. behind that system, pretty cold. back in the 30s for wednesday. we're back in the 40s on thursday and then the next system comes in, looks like rain, too. we're on the warm side of these storms. temperatures go back in the 40s and showers still possible on
11:30 pm
saturday but still mild. 50 on saturday and upper 40s on sunday. >> winter is winding down. >> yes. if you could ever call it that. >> when we come back, can the caps keep their win
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>> capitals have been streaking lately, showing signs of life. they brought a three-game win streak into the big apple. things started off pretty darn good for the caps. 1 minute and 19 seconds into
11:34 pm
the game. that was about all they could muster on offense this season. the new york rangers take this one again. we'll break down tonight's game coming up in game on overtime. let's head down to a not much warmer viera, florida, where we find our dave owens. >> reporter: welcome to viera, florida, everybody where the nats completed their first full workout today. it's been an interesting week as we've gotten to know the new players, as well as some of the veterans all with a singular focus of sending manager davy johnson out on top. he hasn't been shy on how he feels about the team. the up side is as good as any he's been around. super studs like bryce harper who bulked up in the offseason thanks to an aggressive training program. >> i take pride in my workouts. always have, always will. i always get bigger by age and what not. taking pride in your workouts, wanting be

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